Step By Step: How to Register for the Fall 2020 Season (English & Spanish)

Step By Step:  How to Register for the Fall 2020 Season (English & Spanish)

Open our website, in a new tab and click on the word REGISTRATION in the top menu bar while keeping this page open.

Click on the link below  for basic instructions in English (Spanish is below) on how to register your child for the Fall 2020 season.

Haga clic en el enlace a continuación para obtener instrucciones básicas en español sobre cómo registrar a su hijo/a para le tomporada Otoño 2020.

Please note: you can click on the Google Translate link in the upper right hand corner of this page to have this website translated into Spanish.

If you have only registered at the office or over the phone in the past, just click on the words "Forgot My Password" when they appear to have a password to your account sent to your email.

There are some changes/additions to the steps outlined on these pages as noted below:

Step 4:  Create Your Household is Registration Step 1.2 in our setup.

Step 5:  Register a Participant is Registration Step 1.3 in our setup.

Step 7:  Registrations Step 2.2:  PLEASE READ the important registration information.

Step 8:  Includes these additional registration steps:

Reg. Step 2.4:  Our Player Preference Page.  This is where you select your preferred practice locations and days as well as provide us with your child's uniform size, school & grade and other optional information as indicated.

Reg. Step 2.5  Volunteer Information   Reg. Step 2.6  Volunteer Options   Reg. Step 2.7:Review Registration  

Reg. Step 2.8: Season Waiver 

Step 10:  is Registration Step 5.1:  REVIEW CART CONTENTS. This is where you can request FINANCIAL AID.  If you request financial aid you will pay later.