Chapel Hill United Program Information

Advanced Recreational Soccer for ages u10 - u16. (2006 - 2013 for 2021/2022)

Chapel Hill United (CHU) is considered an advanced recreational program.   These teams will practice with their volunteer coach twice a week and play a game on the weekend. This program is designed for the player who has played a couple of seasons of soccer already, shows a high level of interest in practicing and learning more about the game and who may want to move up the competitive ladder at some point. Although still based in the same recreation spirit as Rainbow Rec, players who select CHU should expect a higher emphasis on skills and player development. This program is available to players in the u10 to u16 age groups.  Practice field options include the Rainbow Fields, Southern Community Park or Cedar Falls park depending volunteer coach and player registration preferences.

Games for our Chapel Hill United program are played at a variety of fields in the local area including Homestead Park Turf Fields, Triangle Church, Rainbow or Southern Community Park grass fields. CHU u10 plays 7 v 7;  CHU u12 - u16 plays 9 v 9.  Teams will be scheduled for at least 7 games during a season. During the season we sometimes have to schedule games on Sundays due to Saturdays lost to hurricanes in the fall and spring break during the spring in order to get our games in during our season window.

All CHU teams are open to both boys and girls.  Girls u8 - u14 born in years 2008 - 2015 wanting to play on an all-girls team need to register through our all-girls affiliate, Triangle Area Girls Soccer, at