Who is Rainbow Soccer?

Our beginnings...

In 1972, a handful of soccer players, interested community members, and coaches got together to create the foundation for what has become a wonderful organization, dedicated to developing a recreational soccer community for thousands of children and adults in the area.

Since 1972 we have been about recreational soccer and we want everyone to enjoy their experience during their time with Rainbow Soccer.  We concede that soccer is a game and players naturally compete and players and parents naturally keep score.  The Rainbow Soccer league de-emphasizes competition and scoring and emphasizes sportsmanship and play.

Our mission is to provide youth and adult recreational soccer opportunities in a safe and inclusive environment while fostering a spirit of camaraderie, sportsmanship, mutual respect and a love for the game.

Our core values are:
  • Fun is pivotal – if it’s not fun, people won’t play a sport
  • Skill development is more important than winning even among the best athletes
  • Play - let players play and make mistakes.  We don’t learn by having people yell at us. We succeed through trial and error. 
  • Sportsmanship - learning to play with others and in a "team" environment as well as learning to win and lose are all life long lessons.
  • Volunteerism - we truly value our volunteer coaches.  Please treat them with respect and kindness as they give their time and effort to you and the children.
In general the benefits of youth sports for children include character building, humility in winning, leadership growth opportunities, cooperative skills, social skills and dealing with obstacles, losing and competition.
For parents we understand you all want your children to succeed.  Please bring your humility to the fields and not your voice.  Cheer on all the players on the field and keep the negative comments to yourself.  If everyone at the field brings a positive attitude then we will all accomplish our goals.
The Rainbow Soccer staff is committed to enhancing these core beliefs and we will be communicating with all of our league officials and volunteers and reminding them of these values.
Yours in Soccer,
Rainbow Staff