List of available roster spots

Rainbow & CHU Roster Spots as of Monday, Aug. 19

List of available roster spots

Here is the list of our available teams (all teams practice at 5pm unless noted).  List is current as of Friday, Aug. 2.  Many of these teams need coaches as well; email the office at to inquire.

One-Practice Teams:

Rainbow u4/5 (2015/16):  Southern Community Park (SCP) : Monday 

Rainbow u6 (2014)Rainbow:  Mon., Tues, Weds, Thurs  SCP:  Tu, Weds   CFP:  Mon, Weds

Rainbow u7 (2013): RB: Tu; CFP: Tu, Th  SCP FULL

Rainbow u8 (2012): RB:  Mon   SCP:  Tu    CFP:  Tu

Rainbow u10 (2010/11): TEAMS AT ALL LOCATIONS ARE FULL


Two - practice teams:

Rainbow u14 (2006/07)

SCP: FULL        CFP:  T/Th  6pm           Rainbow:  T/Th 5pm

Rainbow u16 (2004/2005) : SCP Tu/Th 6pm  We need a few more players to fill out our Tu/Th 6pm u16 team at Southern Community Park.  We will age up players born in 2006 to play on this team with their parents permisison. 

Chapel Hill United Advanced Recreation Teams:

CHU u8 (2012/13):  RB Fiields M/W or T/Th;    SCP M/W or T/Th.  (No CHU u8 @ CFP this fall)

CHU u10 (2010/11):  RB Fields M/W only  (Teams at SCP and CFP are full.)

CHU u12 (2008/2009)  RB  T/Th  (Teams at SCP and CFP are full.)