FAQs - Find answers to many of your questions about our club here

Updated 11/9/2020

***If you need more information, please send an email to info@rainbowsoccer.org.***

What programs do you offer?

Information about the programs that we offer can be found under the PROGRAMS heading on our main web page, www.rainbowsoccer.org.

The easiest way to register is online by clicking the registration link on the front page of our website. Due to Covid 19 our office is not open for walk-in registrations at this time.  We have a variety of other registration options as follows:

  • Leave a message at (919) 967 - 8797 and a staff member will call you back to assist you with your registration.
  • Email us at info@rainbowsoccer.org and a staff member will contact you to assist you with your registration.
  • We can also register you virtually via Google Hangouts.  Schedule a virtual appointment by leaving a message at (919) 967 -8797 and a staff member will call you back to arrange a time to meet virtually.

Our fees per season remain the same as the last 2 seasons and are listed below.  We have 2 seasons, Fall and Spring, with separate registrations for each season.

Registration fees & age groups for the Spring 2021 programs are as follows:

Rainbow Coed: u5-u7: $90  (for players born in 2014 - 2017)    

Rainbow Coed:  u8-u12: $100   (for players born in 2009 - 2013)     

Rainbow Coed: u14-u16: $140  (for players born in 2005 - 2008)

Chapel Hill United Coed u8-u12: $160  (for players born in 2009 - 2014)

(Registration fees for TAGS (Triangle Area Girls Soccer) u8-u14 are $100. Register for TAGS at www.tagsoccer.org)

When does registration open and close?

Registration for Spring 2021 coed and all - girls soccer will open on 11/11/2020.  Our early registration discount of $5 on full-price registrations valued at $100 or less and $10 on full-price registrations valued at $140 or more will be automatically applied to registrations completed by 11:55 PM on 12/18/2020.  Families receiving financial aid do not receive this additional discount.  Registration closes for each respective age group as the divisions fill up even if our registration window is still open.  Players who register for a filled age group while our registration window is open will be placed on a waiting list for a spot in their age group.

When does the season start and end?

Fall practices typically start the Tuesday after Labor Day. Practices run from 5:00 - 6:00 PM with the exception of u16 which may practice from 6 - 7 pm.  The season usually ends the first Saturday of November with an optional 2 - day tournament for players u8 and older the following weekend.  Our Fall KickStart will have it's first of their six sessions the first Friday in September and end in October prior to the end of daylight savings' time.

In the spring our one and two practice teams typically start practices and games the third week in March.  During the spring we take 1 weekend off for CH Schools spring break so we schedule 1 or 2 weekends with games on both Saturdays and Sundays in order to get 8 games in prior to the end of the season which is either the first or second weekend in May depending on the calendar.  There is an optional 2 - day tournament for u8 and up the weekend following the last game of the regular season.  The season dates for Spring 2021 are TBD and will depend in part on Covid - 19 field availability.

How do I apply for financial aid?

We do not turn down anyone in need of financial aid. If you have a financial need, we ask that you fill out our Financial Aid form (en Español) and register online while leaving your registration as pending financial aid when complete. You can email your completed financial aid form to karen@rainbowsoccer.org or mail it to us at Rianbow Soccer P.O. Box 3093, Chapel Hill, NC  27515.

We do ask that participants contribute as much as they can for two reasons: 1) we want everyone to value the experience and feel if there is some financial contribution made by the participant, there will be a greater appreciation for the opportunity; and 2) we are a non-profit and any contribution a participant makes allows Rainbow Soccer to help other participants.

Players approved for financial aid must pay their portion of the fees within a month of their soccer registration date.  For players registering  with less than a month left in the registration period their portion of any financial aid must be paid in full by the first game of the season.

Why is there a late fee and when does it begin?

The registration fee goes up by $20 ($10 for KickStart) after the registration deadline which is normally 4 - 6 weeks before the season begins.  We want to encourage everyone to sign up early because this helps us with scheduling, knowing how much space we need for practices, knowing how many volunteer coaches we need to recruit for the season, and ordering uniforms and necessary equipment. We increase our fees, beginning around August 1 in the fall and around February 15 in the spring, because waiting later elevates our expenses, and reduces our time to plan, prepare schedules and order and distribute uniforms in a timely manner. For the Spring 2021 season late fees will start on

What does my registration pay for?

Registration fees pay a variety of items including field rentals for practice sessions and games, field representatives, referees for u8 up, field maintenance and 7, 8 or 9 recreational soccer games depending on the calendar structure (6 sessions for KickStart). (NA for Fall 2020/Spring 2021 Fees for all leagues include one uniform to be purchased in the fall (or spring for single season players) and used for both the the fall & spring seasons.  There is no uniform discount in the spring for continuing players.  KickStart players receive a jersey only.

Do I need to buy a uniform or purchase equipment?

Spring 2021 - there are changes to items provided to players based on Covid - 19 restrictions.  All players MUST provide their own soccer ball.  There will be no shared equipment or water bottles.  Teams will receive T shirts rather than uniform kits for the Spring 2021 season.

As noted above, uniform kits (jersey, shorts and socks) are included in the fees for the one and two practice leagues  and a jersey is included for our KickStart players.  If your child plays both seasons (provided you stay on the same team for both fall and spring) or plays either of our two seasons, fall or spring, you do not pay extra for a uniform.  If you request a team change within the same program (ie 1 Rainbow u7 team to another RB u7 team) between the fall and the spring season you will be charged for a new jersey.  If you choose to buy an additional jersey, change teams after our uniform order has been placed, or order the wrong size uniform on the first order,  you are is responsible for informing the Rainbow office that another jersey needs to be ordered for your child and paying for the new jersey when you receive it. For Spring 2020  the cost of a replacement jersey is $15 plus shipping which will vary depending on the number of jerseys in the order. (Most recent shipping on an individual jersey was around $15.)

Additional equipment, while not required, is strongly encouraged. We suggest having a soccer ball marked with your name and phone number written on it in permanent marker Ball sizes are Size 3 for u4/u5/u6/u7, Size 4 for u8/u10/u12 and Size 5 for u14 - 16.  We also recommend shin guards, a water bottle (marked like your soccer ball), and appropriate footwear (sneakers are fine for very young children, but we suggest cleats for 6 or 7 years old and above).

We partner with Dick's Sporting Goods who sponsors two "Rainbow Soccer" weekends per year at their New Hope Commons Store only.  Rainbow Soccer players get 25% off their purchases on those weekends.  For Spring 2021 our Dick's Weekend schedule has not yet been set.

Can we get a refund for our registration?

We offer refunds up to a certain date with the deduction of administrative fees as follows:  1) For a completed registration that is cancelled for any reason on or before 12/18/20 we will refund in full except for an administrative fee of $5 to cover the fees that we have already been charged by our web registration host for a completed registration.  2) For Spring 2021, any refund request made after 12/18/20 until practices start is subject to a $20 administrative fee ($10 for KickStart) per player.  Late registration fees are non-refundable.  Once we have held our first practice of the season, (8/14/2020) there will be NO refunds given.   Refunds for the Spring 2021 season will be based on information shared via email and on our web page.

What fields do you use?

For Spring 2021 in addition to the Rainbow Fields we will use Southern Community Park (and possibly Cedar Falls Park should registration numbers warrant).

(In a non-Covid environment, we use fields throughout the Chapel Hill area for both games and practices. We typically use the Rainbow Soccer Complex & Southern Community Park for both practices and weekend games.  Our CHU u8 and u10 teams play their weekend games at the town-owned Homestead Park Fields, u12/u14/u16 plays at Southern Community Park.  We use the town-owned Cedar Falls Park fields for practices only.  We have the most availability of practice options at the Rainbow Fields, where we have the most fields; and the least availability at Cedar Falls Park & Homestead Park where we are very limited in our rental space from the town.)

What are the age limits for leaving a child alone at practice?

All KickStart program participants and children on our Rainbow u4/5, u6, u7 & u8 teams (including CH United u8) must have a parent, guardian, babysitter, au pair or other responsible person (can be a friend of the family or another parent on your child's team) identified as their "person" available on the sidelines for the duration of all practice sessions.  If it is NOT the child's parent, the coach must be informed who the responsible person for the child is.  We strongly encourage parents of u10's to follow the same guidelines.  Children u12 - u16 can be dropped off and picked up from the fields.  Parents or transportation providers for u12 - u16's should be at the fields a few minutes prior to the end of practice so that the player does not have to wait to be picked up.  We have a designated Rainbow Soccer field representative at each field; if a coach needs to leave at the end of practice and there are still children from the team wating to be picked up, our coaches are instructed to leave them with the field rep until someone arrives for them.  The field reps have notebooks with rosters & parent contact information in them.

Teams are formed based on the availability and age group and gender preferences of our volunteer coaches combined with your completed registration date and registration preferences. During online registration you have the ability to select your preferred practice days (2 choices) and your preferred practice locations (2 choices) (i.e Monday or Wednesday; 5:00 PM at the Rainbow Fields or Cedar Falls Park). One practice teams practice on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday depending on the age group, practice location and volunteer coach availability.  Two practice teams meet on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday depending on the same factors.  If you have a preference for a teammate or coach you can enter that information in the box provided and depending on team/coach availability we will take your preferences into account when making team assignments.  Please understand that we do not offer all age groups at all practice locations in each time slot or day pairings but we try to match as many of your preferences as we can. The closer we get to the start of the season the fewer openings we will have.  If there is a big discrepancy between what you requested and what we have available we will do our best to contact you with options prior to making a team assignment for you. 

In the fall teams all teams are considered "new" and many of our players will move to the next older age group.   In the spring all teams are considered "continuing" and players do not move up in "soccer age" even if they've had a birthday in the fall.  We have an early registration returning team preference period for both the fall and spring season where a child is guaranteed a spot on their previous team, if desired and age-eligible, provided that their registration is complete by a specified date of the registration period. (612/18/2021 for the Spring 2021 season).  Teams who reach capacity with returning players from the previous season during the early registration period will not be able to accept new players for the upcoming season except with coach permission.  For registrations completed after the early registration period, priority is given first to the date of your completed registration, followed by your stated preferences.  Spring teams in particular have been known to fill to capacity during early registration.  The earlier you register the better chance you have of getting all of your preferences met. 

If you have a child playing with any of our Rainbow programs (RB 1 practice, RB u14/u16, CH United or KickStart) you can volunteer to coach during the registration process. If you are a community volunteer, high school or college student signing up to volunteer with Rainbow Soccer you can also do that by clicking the registration link at the top of our main web page.  Coaching volunteers for Triangle Area Girls Soccer should sign up on their website, www.tagsoccer.org.  If you have concerns about being a coach because you’ve never done it before, don’t worry, we will provide you with all the tools you need to be effective. For additional questions about coaching or refereeing please contact Drew Kepley, Director of Soccer at drew@rainbowsoccer.org.