Available Spots on Rainbow Rec teams

For players born in calendar years 2003 - 2014

Did your child's friend come to school talking about their spring soccer team?  Would your child now like to play?  Our Rainbow Rec u4 - u12 teams practice once a week and play a game on Saturdays (and 2 Sunday afternoons in the spring.) u-15's practice twice a week.  While we have a number of available single spots on teams at all age groups, here's where we have the most room as of March 1, 2018:

Under 8 (born in calendar year 2010) at all 3 practice locations:  Rainbow Fields, Southern Community Park & Cedar Falls Park.  We have about 30 spots left at this age group.

Under 10 (born in calendar years 2008 - 2009):  Southern Comm. Park Th 5pm; Rainbow Fields Mon, Tues & Weds 5pm; Cedar Falls Park Tuesday 5pm

Under 12 (born in calendar years 2006 - 07):  Cedar Falls Park Weds 5pm;  Southern Comm. Park Mon 5pm

Under 15 (born in calendar years 2003 - 05):  Homestead Park Tu/Th 5pm; Rainbow FIelds Tu/Th 5pm; Southern Community Park Tu/Th 5pm

If you want to know more about a specific age group, location or day, email the office at:  info@rainbowsoccer.org.